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     Apartments in the complex INCOSOL PARK CLUB SUITES
     580K EUR
     4.195K EUR / sq.m.
     138 sq.m. 
     Spain, Marbella
     Costa del Sol
     APARTMENT located inside the famous HOTEL INCOSOL 5 *, owner of such APARTAMENTOV the privileges such as: Free use of gym and a pool, discount for our restaurants, MEDICAL PROTSEDUPY, spa and golf course.
     Medical Center of top-quality therapies in the spa center and luxury hotel 5 *, together in order to offer technological innovations in medicine, tools and programs designed for special care of your health and enjoy your stay in the best location g. Marbella.
     The air conditioner;
     Heated floors in the bathroom;
     Marble floors of ivory;
     Double crystal coating;
     Automatic shutters;
     Armored door;
     Kitchen. (Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, stretching);
     Multifunction cabinets.
     Aluminum lacquered finish in color;
     Double crystal cover type "Climalit" 4 +6 +4 mm.;
     Aluminum blinds in the salons and bedrooms all apartments and kitchens in the apartments of lower floors, with a system of manual and automatic control;
     The glass partition of superior quality on the terrace.
     Front door to the design pattern, with wood framing and multilokovym lock;
     Interior doors lacquered in color and features, hinges and door handles, covered latunyu of superior quality;
     Multifunction cabinets with partitions and shelves made of wood.
     The floors are covered with acoustic rock "Rockwool" 5 cm in width;
     Marble top-quality polished, finical (all rooms except the kitchen);
     In the kitchen, stoneware 1? classes to choose from;
     Terraces and common areas are covered with marble higher kach Islands;
     In garages concrete lining.
     Fully equipped with the following appliances, refrigerator, electric furnace, microwave, dishwasher.
     The water supply system
     In order to guarantee the supply and push it subsidized water from the reservoir, which in turn ensures water for a week, in the case of switching off the main network feed.
     Bath (white) firm Roca;
     Toilets and bidets firm Roca (in white);
     Washbasins firm Roca (in white);
     Cranes company Grohe;
     The furniture in the bathroom.
     Running water from copper coated with a thermal hot and cold water.
     The system of hot water through a thermo-electrical l 200 liters per person in apartments, in the Penthouse increased to 150 l l.
     Full installation of air conditioning (national brand) with automatic cold / heat in all apartments. Electric floor with a heater in bathrooms.
     Electrical machinery of high quality firms Niessen or similar.
     Setting the phone in accordance with the standards and telecommunications infrastructure. The ability to connect in a lounge, bedrooms and kitchens.
     Control Task
     Installation of automatic door phones, which is connected to the hotel reception Incosol.
     The alarm system in each apartment and buttons summon help, a central alarm system with the possibility of connection to any central alarm Hotel Incosol;
     Regulatory EU.
     Hydraulic lift a better brand of Spain, telephone for communication with the central system within 24 hours.
     Automatic door with a remote control for opening and security system with the opening and closing by the infrared beam.
     Fire extinguishers (dry foam) in the garage and common areas;
     Fire doors in the garage. Two water hose at a garage connected to a central water system.
     Video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.
     Sports services Incosol have much choice and diversity are. The hotel offers: a sports club, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming pools, etc.
     INCOSOL provides an opportunity to play on different fields of special fares.
     When buying apartments in INCOSOL card issued to the owner of VIP INCOSOL, with the following discounts at:
     Free use of social areas Incosol, such as outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi, gardens, lounges, sports club, etc.;
     10% discount in cafes, restaurants and any other services to be selected, such as massage, etc.. On health care discounts do not apply;
     Preference to book seats at restaurants, massage centers, etc.
     This compound is 2 apartments: one single (138,28 m2, 580,000 euros) and 2-bedroom (217 m2, 980,000 euros).
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