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     Villa San Gottardo (five star residence)
     10m EUR 
     1595 sq.m. (pl.)
     4020 sq.m. (site)
     Italy, Vittorio Veneto
     Villa San Gottardo was built at Vittorio Veneto in 1909: a prestigious residence whose name comes from a temple built in 1865 on the hill between the San Martino Castle and the Serravalle Castrum. It emanates its exclusive fascination and is surrounded by an extraordinary natural scenario.

     At Villa San Gottardo modern convenience blends with the emotion of living in a home reserved for a chosen few.
     The finishes are distinguished by their quality and refined solutions: the floors are Venetian terrazzo or natural wood, the plaster is biological, the wooden doors and window frames have been made to the original design of the period, and the exterior has a beautiful stone finish.
     Heating and air conditioning is under-floor to ensure the ideal microclimate in summer and winter and reduce the noise of air conditioning to a minimum. The system is gas-fuelled, which has an economic advantage and eliminates the problem of blackouts often caused by summer storms. The residence is provided with an air dehumidification system that ensures physiologically ideal humidity completely free of condensation.
     Running costs and maintenance are particularly low.
     The 5-function domotic electricity supply system allows appliances and equipment to interact with each other, increasing their functionality and facilitating the exchange of information independently from their location inside or outside the house. All activation points can be concentrated in one or two places and personalized for each user, who will be able to turn on lamps, open and close blinds, etc. from the same spot.
     All the areas of the apartments are provided with a centralized digital SAT TV and are prepared for a wired radio system.
     Remote management can also be set up with a modem and fixed telephone line or GSM.
     The automatic anti-theft system can also be activated by remote control and is integrated with a telephone security service and technical alarms.
     The telecameras installed in the common and private access points are connected to a video-intercom system; if no-one is at home the voice message can be transferred to the telephone.
     An automatic system for treating and softening water prevents taps, pipes and household appliances (dishwashers, washing machines) from clogging with lime deposit, facilitates clothes washing, and improves cooking and personal hygiene.
     The water is disinfected with ultraviolet rays which are highly effective against germs and viruses. The water is of excellent quality with good organoleptic characteristics due to oxygen enrichment.
     The building has excellent quality soundproofing. The residence meets the requisites regarding acoustic pollution established by Italian law No. 447 of 26/10/1995 and are provided with certification. Noise between rooms and caused by movement or from sources outside the dwelling are all within the limits established by Table B of D.P.C.M. 05/12/1997.
     The centralized extraction system.
     The spacious garages.
     The large park, restored observing the stylistic nature of romantic/eclectic gardens of the early twentieth century, welcomes its guests with its elegant decor and exotic evocative vegetation.
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