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     Island lot #5
     1.7m USD 
      13.355 hect.
     Is it worth to buy an island and choose Belize?
     Belize - a free and independent State.
     In Belize, there is every modern telecommunications links, which Britain has provided after granting him his independence.
     The official language - English, it is being trained in schools and Vuzah, however, is widely used Spanish and Creole.
     The new capital Belmopane there are two higher educational institutions, built modern hospitals and clinics, and laws are based on British Law.
     Tax credits help to invest capital. Belize is a tax haven. More than a thousand offshore islands - an important component of the country's economy.
     Investment in Belize in the form of buying real estate, including the islands, are the reason for obtaining a residence permit, and in the future and obtain citizenship of Belize.
     The cost of islands in the region is considerably lower than off the coast of Fiji, Bagam, French Polynesia.
     Property acquired by you shall be granted to you, while in the Maldives, Seychelles, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, etc. States can only rent. In other countries there are also all sorts of restrictions on property acquisition
     Islands in this region safe and secure, unlike other regions, such as on. Bali, Thailand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, who are not only terrorist attacks but by themselves are not safe.
     Around the world there is only 2 karallovyh barrier reef of this size are the first in Australia, for sale only islands where there is little, and in Belize you have another such opportunity.
     Many celebrities (Leonardo di Caprio, F. Coppola) have already made their choice and bought their island in Belize and develop these places.
     Currently, an average of islands in the region are sold at a price of 500 000. $ To $ 20 million, but you can say with certainty that in the coming years the price will only grow and already 5-10 years through increases in dozens of times.
     Dvadtsatisemiletny Belize is rapidly evolving. Staggering growth of investment business in the country's recent fashion contributes to acquire ownership of real estate in the form of lands and turn them into the jungle - resorts. Sign a new luxury here are bungalows with palm-thatched roof or on the shore of quiet white sand beaches.
     Particularly popular are the island, which has more than 400 of Belize.
     Consider only its own piece of land in the Caribbean Sea! And this is a piece of cottage station near Moscow, as a whole island. Your Island! At least the price, the average cost of an apartment in Moscow!
     For many years, Belize - a goatee between Guatemala and the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula - has been a favoured venue for tourists.
     We propose to get acquainted with our proposals for the sale of the islands, the most delightful and promising, in our view, for investments in real estate and for an unforgettable vacation. Buy, build, possess!
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