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     Your house in the Tuscan Apenninah
     390K EUR 
     160 sq.m. (pl.)
     1500 sq.m. (site)
     Italy, Momino
     Your house in the Tuscan Apenninah
     Villa in the picturesque mountain town Momino. In the hottest month of summer you breathe fresh air and enjoy the wonderful view. Around the forest, but if you wanted to swim in the sea, it is sufficient to get into the car and after an hour maximum Tirrenskogo you on the shore of the sea. The house is situated 15 minutes from the city of Pistoia, through which the highway passes Florence-sea.
     Villa has 160 square living space - 2 large bedrooms, 2 toilets, panoramic terrace from the tree. The building was built in the late 60 th years and subsequently upgraded, a new roof, remade in 2007. The facade pobelen in 2007. 1500 sq m garden, meandering down terraces. The fence and stone tiles obsazhen green fences, metal gates. At the bottom of the home is located cellar, where the separate staircase from the street. Place 2 for cars outside the home and 2 cars can still park inside. House to stay in a small village elite, which is a private road.
     Cost: 390 000 euros with the clearance


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