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N 31592 Contact information: +7 903 7967498
     Apartment house in Bullfinches, Volokolamskoye r. 30 km
     15m RUR 
     169 sq.m. (pl.)
     18 sq.m. (site)
     Russia, Moscow region
     Inhabited 4-urovnevyj the house of 1998 of construction.
     On a site a bath with kitchen and a toilet (heat-insulated floor), pool with
     Heating, 2 arbors, a small house from a log for protection.
     The house from a bar 150х150, is imposed кирпичем, a roof - a metal tile.
     Gas: main, the water drain: a septic tank, an electricity: without restrictions, a waterpipe: a well of 25 m and summer. In the house water of mountains., cold, heating-gas, a plate-gas.
     Toilet and bathroom on 1 floor and on 2 floor, a floor on 1 floor with heating. There is a cellar, garage under the house, a subsidiary semibasement premise. The squared shape site, is fenced (a wooden fence on the brick base).
     Landscape design, 2 Alpine hills with прудиком, rare wood, garden, decorative trees and bushes, a vineyard of 12 years, a fructifying walnut, the Canadian fructifying blueberry - a bush, a hornbeam English, аралия Manchurian, лимонник and т.д. Nearby wood and the river Istra.
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