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     2.5-room apartment from the developer with a view of Lake Como
     480K EUR 
     64.2 sq.m. 
     Italy, Komo
     The apartment from the developer without interior finishing on the southern tip of Lake Como in 20 minutes from Lugano.
     Campione. In this place - a very interesting status and history. Administrative Campione included in the Italian province of Como, Lombardy region, but geographically located outside Italy. From the main area of the country it is separated by land of the Swiss canton of Ticino. Thus, the Italian enclave of Campione is in Switzerland. However, despite our city the Italian State, there are walking the Swiss franc, which receive salaries and other payments to residents of the city. However, the European euro, the official currency of Italy, may also be taken for payment in Campione.
     Features: Benefits of residence in the Italian Campione: political, social and economic stability. First-class Swiss infrastructure. Official currency - Swiss franc. Banking operations are conducted through Swiss banks, which means that banking secrecy is guaranteed. Efficient and reliable public service communications. The Swiss postal services, telephone numbers and license plates. No tax on value added tax (VAT)! Actual residence in Switzerland - with a residence permit in the EU!


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